Modern cities, endless language opportunities

 As the network of open, international. Opportunities, information on demand is also increasing. Language translation form a special market.
Access to information at the same time, language caused a lot of inconvenience, often while browsing information to skip a lot of important information. so that the resulting information is not complete, translation tools to interpret words that are not completely in line with the actual situation.
After majoring in English at the University, I went to the coastal oil transit translation work in Hong Kong. From one student to the dock workers, during the calendar a lot, let me from a young boy grown into real port workers.
After his experiment in Shanghai fanyi learning over time, I began my English level was filled with confidence, in addition to other work in their daily lives could also help colleagues resolve some practical issues. Because the transfer of crude oil at sea, the crew to eat and drink on the ocean shipping, so I naturally give them at meals and worked as a translator, also remembers a team called me looking for ocean shipping cooks do some spring rolls. I agreed, but the kitchen I suddenly remembered I would not say that the word spring rolls, I carefully looked at the kitchen didn’t have the stuff can be used as a reference. Because I will not say that English words and let our staff down, it too has no face. So I wanted to spring rolls-the spring (SPRING) volume (ROLL), spring roll SPRINGROLL is, so my Chef said: “GIVE ME SOME SPRINGROLL,PLEASE!” (Give me some spring rolls), Chef readily say “OK!”, while a golden spring rolls end up, at this point I could not help but feel happy secretly, I blind Mongolian the word in the right place!
When you communicate with friends from other countries, not accurate, not more convenient translation tool easily misunderstood.
Please be sure to look for a suitable translation companies themselves and each other, I liked faluu fanyi, it is recommended to learn friends.


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